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Trouble with conditional visibility on images set to tab menu links

Hey @cyberdave Thanks so much for fixing that bug! it’s working well now!

Unfortunately I have a new issue with the tabs functionality. Although this seems to only be an issue on a different page with tabs, very similar to the other tab page.

it appears that conditional visibility is not working as intended, I have 5 tabs, and 2 through 5 are set to show only if each image is set respectively (this is referring to the tab buttons in the tab menu). but it’s not showing when it IS set and should show. it just seems to hide everything.

this is the case on my photography page (

here is my read-only linke:

and like I said this is only a problem in the collection template page called “Photography Template”


Hi @reviera, thanks a lot for the report, I am sorry to hear about the trouble. I am taking a look! I will respond back with more info asap.

Thanks in advance!

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