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Trouble with AWS Video permissions - not showing in designer or published site


I used the embed code to place an embedded video but it does not show up on designer and also on the published site. But when i right click on the space where the video ought to be i see the video controls, and then when i click on the video controls the video appears. Is this a bug?

Have a look at it here - in the empty pink box -

This is the embed code i used:

<video   playsinline loop style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; display: block; overflow: hidden; border-radius: 5px;" poster="">
  <source src="" type="video/mp4">

preview link: in the “Books” page you will see what i mean -

@cyberdave @PixelGeek @callmevlad

Hi @brilliantlights, thanks for getting in touch. A good first step when videos are not showing, is to look at the browser console, I can see some file permission issues, access is being denied to those video hosted in amazon:

I would check the permissions on the files and set those to public visibility. Also, if the videos are being served by https, then those will only show on the custom domain using ssl.

I hope this helps, let me know if any questions.

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Ok, you mean i should remove the https and use http instead. I used your video embed code for responsive video

How do i do this? i used your code from How to make background video responsive?

Hi @brilliantlights, thanks, sorry, your video code I did not see in your original post, there is a little formatting button on the tool bar that will highlight your custom code, otherwise it is not shown in the post.

I am taking a look, the issue is though, that the links to the assets are giving a 403 forbidden error so they cannot be displayed. I am taking a look further. Thanks in advance.

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thank you. It worked on an earlier project but im wondering why it is different now

Hi @cyberdave i haven’t been able to fix it yet. Please have you been able to find the cause of it?

The hosting is on webflow and the videos were background videos uploaded to webflow. I used the code here How to make background video responsive?

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