Trouble stacking divs

Hey peeps,

I created an interaction where a user can click on a radial and different content appears. Right now the content appears on the left, middle, and right.
What I need help with is how to position the cards in the same place so when I click any radial that content appears in the same place. Ideally appear where the default middle is.

Thank you!

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Hi @wins I think you’d be better off using the tabs component to achieve the layout and function you’re looking for. You can customize the tabs to be on the left or even right side like I’ve done with this concept:

Try following this guide:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @PixelGeek!
First off cool Spider Man example…
I actually started out with the tab interaction and realized that I needed some separate interactions. One was to click on the radial and get content depending on which plan. The other was if the user needed more info about the plan itself, they can click on the text link and a modal would pop up. Seems like the tab is set up to be really a straightforward tab interaction unless i’m missing something?

yea. tabs would still be the easier route to take for that. A text link and modal pop up could exist in each tab panel