Trouble Shooting Replacing a Webinar in a Funnel

Hello All,
M name is Delanna, I am new to Webflow and have a Funnel that was created for me through COD (Clients on Demand) I thought I uploaded my new video called 7.23 1st Webinar today correctly but apparently it is a bit more complicated than I realized.
Originally there were 4 videos set up.

  1. Webinar
  2. Training
  3. Replay
  4. Thankyou

Now when I try to access my original links they only show the “Thank you” video.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am sharing the link for the project I am working on. The previous link was not the correct link. New Link is:

Hello, this is and I am circling back around to see if I might get some help. Please be read only link below:
Webflow - Deborah Delanna's 24 Hour Pass