Trouble renaming classes

Under the “Superannuation” heading I have renamed all my “CBUS” Checkbox everywhere I can possibly find it and for some reason it still comes up as “Checkbox Field”

This isn’t an issue with “HostPlus” or any of the checkboxes under Finance- just seems to be an issue with the ones under Superannuation and I cannot see the difference between them!!!

How can one thing work with the exact same settings and the other can not???

Please help.

When removing the classes of those fields, the ANZ class appears, so yes, there’s a bug, I encountered it too. I suggest your just delete those fields and add fresh new ones and add your class to them again.

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Thank you Vincent, really happy to know it’s not just me.

So I try recreating it in a new form block below; same thing happens! it only occurs after I exit the page by going to the dashboard and opening the project from there; it looks and works fine before doing that.

(Yes I did make sure the page was saved).

@Brando could you please have a look here? This user is facing a bug that I have encountered twice last week (but I thought it was only happening on very old sites that I was working on again).

Basically, it’s selectors behaving weirdly, I can’t explain why this is happening. The symtom is always the same: you’re on an element with a single global class, you delete the class, and once you’ve pressed Enter or click elsewhere to unselect, the element gets another class. And that class wasn’t at all in the selector list before.

Here is a video of it:

Can you let me know if it’s a known thing? I think I can document it from some of my sites too. AFAIK when I face it I can’t fix it, I have to redo the whole section from scratch.

Hi @vincent @Boris

Thanks for pinging me on this and for creating a video of the issue!

Based on the recording, it seems like this is expected behavior. When you delete the first class name, the selector field will show a list of commonly used class names for that project:

It looks like the first in that list is highlighted by default and pressing enter will confirm that class name.

I’ll definitely be sure to confirm this with the rest of the team to see for sure what the expected behavior is here, though.

AFAIK when I face it I can’t fix it, I have to redo the whole section from scratch.

Can you clarify this a bit? Are you able to delete the newly added class name and add back the old one to reapply those styles?

​Thanks in advance!

Spot on Brando, I came to this conclusion last night by myself… not a but. Maybe the behavior changed?

I’m releaved though, if it had been a bug, would have been a scary one :slight_smile:

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Agreed for sure! We don’t need any of those around here :ghost: :bug:

Apologies for the extremely late reply @Brando & @vincent

I think my issue may be a little different; I have made a video of what I’m experiencing to better illustrate my problem.

Thank you for your help thus far, it’s very much appreciated!

Also here is the difference in code after I export it (exported after the video was taken).

Hi @Boris

Thanks so much for sharing that video – that is super weird for sure. I’m having trouble seeing this behavior on my end.

After making sure the changes have been saved, you end up at the dashboard – what actions did you take to get there?

​Thanks in advance!

Hi @Brando

Thanks for looking into this.

To navigate to the dashboard, all I did was select the menu icon on the top left corner of the page and chose “Dashboard” - I have added a picture below.


Thanks for those extra details.

I followed the same steps as your video, but was unable to repro the issue (a quick video showing this).

A few other questions to better understand the issue:
What sites are you seeing this issue occur in – only this project or multiple projects? When did it start occurring?

Can you please try the following:

Could you also please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page?

There should be a small share link when you visit the page which you can send to me.

Thanks in advance!

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