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Trouble receiving form submissions

Yesterday i received a message that there was a problem named as the tittle.

Today i had 1 client who said that there where 2 filled in forms not delivered at the client.
They where filled in Yesterday.
Is this that Error, or do i have to find somewhere else?

Kind regards,

Designer Link:

Hi @Koen, thanks for the report, could you let me know, how did you receive this message? Via mail or via the designer?

I am not entirely sure what this means: “Today i had 1 client who said that there where 2 filled in forms not delivered at the client. They where filled in Yesterday.”.

Does this mean your client did not receive the form submission after it was submitted successfully, or was there some other error message with that? Are the DB connection error messages continuing to happen? I would like to get the steps followed to reach the error message.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dave, thanks for taking a look at this.

I never received any message.

And yes, it does mean my client did not receive the form sumission after is was submitted succesfully.
Also not in the spam.

I downloaded the CSV, checket it, and that was ok?

Hi @koen, thanks, it is possible that the email being used is not receiving those mails if the mail is being bounced due to extra aggressive mail spam filters or policy on the mail server.

One thing to check is if using a gmail or other mail works to receive the notifications. Also, after the emails were added, was the site republished?

I checked the logs and it seems the mail is getting sent out:(email hidden)] Bcc: Response: {“message”:"250 2.0.0 Ok

Hi Dave,

The client has often the mail in their spam. (Microsoft on a local server)
i always get myself a copy (Office365), comes in my mail also, and this time the 2 mails did not arrived in my mail to?

I updated the site, tried some things… and did not see strange behaviors.
Everything works, and still works. I do receive the mails perfectly again.
it where just 2 mails… so no big stress anymore…

My clients ask me what happend, and i don’t know what to say to him…
thats why i ask you Dave, but if you now nothing about an error that day,…
in i where the only one… let it go… do not make to much work of it.

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