Trouble Publishing and TXT records

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just tried publishing a new website with an old URL, changed the DNS records accordingly and left overnight but still no change and website is still directed to the old design? Over night I had this copied from Webflow;

Screen shot from Crazydomains;

From Webflow;

Crazy Domains also doesn’t seem to allow me to add a TXT record.

Website URL is

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!!


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Kia Ora Scott,

With Crazy Domains, I believe you have to have their Premium DNS service in order to add TXT records.

Yeah. :angry:

I’d recommend setting up Cloudflare’s free DNS service and then just drop in those nameserver records into your domain config. That will give you free TXT records.

Thanks Michael, I’ll give that a go - Kia ora!

I happened to setup a Cloudflare DNS today, so I grabbed a video in case you run into any questions;

Hi again Michael!

Thanks for the video, nicely put together and Cloudflare looks very useful, however I still can’t get this site available - Error reads “Load cannot follow more than 20 redirections” (:0)

Multiple screen shots below - the RED boxes show before (items I’ve deleted) and the GREEN boxes are current (items I’ve added). I then left it overnight. The URL stills loads up to the old homepage but nothing works on it anymore. Really appreciate you looking into this - super helpful!

Crazydomains originally;

Crazydomains currently;

Cloudflare originally;

Cloudflare currently;

Webflow currently;

Can you see anything obvious? Thanks again for the help so far,


I’d set the www version to the default and republish, first.

Yeah, everything else looks right to me, just that.
Cloudflare does support CNAME flattening if you wanted to make the base domain your default, however Webflow requires a different configuration.

Done! Thank you sir! It was staring at me the whole time - you ever get that at the end of a project? :rofl:

Your a champ, thanks for everything!

No, never :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :joy: :rofl:
Glad that was it. It’s always the simple things.