Trouble pinning navigator, designer window must be 1440px wide to pin navigator

I really hope this is a bug and not intentional because if not, it will really cripple my workflow. I noticed today that I can not pin the navigator anymore. I used the designer last week with no problem with pinning it. Now when I try to pin, the icon is greyed out and I get a tooltip saying “expand the browser to at least 1440px to pin the navigator”.

Anyone else experiencing this? I was part of the beta for this feature and have been using it since then with no problems.

I am on a 15-inch macbook pro. My browser is Brave/Chrome.

Hi @dapitts08, thanks for your post. It is possible to pin the navigator when the designer window is at 100% scale and 1440px in width, see here:

There have been some recent canvas resizing features released and to pin the navigator now requires the window to be at least 1440px in width.

That screenshot by the way was taken with a 15" macbook pro using chrome.

I hope this helps

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