• Trouble navigating between elements using the Keyboard

Hi guys,
we’re using Safari on Mac (all newest versions). It seems that since some weeks the keyboard shortcuts are not working properly anymore. E.g if I try to navigate through the navigator by using the cursor keys or try to delete an item by using the backspace key it does not work until you select an item in the navigator. Any ideas? Does it need to be fixed from webflow site?

Hi @Karl47

Sorry for the late response. We’re back fromThanksgiving vacation and I’m here to help resolve this issue.

I tested in Safari, and couldn’t see any strange behavior.

I was able to navigate between elements using the arrow keys and delete them using the backspace.

I did notice that deleting the last child element inside a parent element doesn’t select the parent element and no element is selected on the canvas at that point. This also happens in Chrome. And in that case you do need to select an element on the canvas or the Navigator to be able to use those keys again.

Is this the issue you’re referring to?
Can you confirm that this wasn’t the case before?
When did you start noticing the behavior?

I do not recall if this was the default behavior, I’ll contact our engineers and find out more.

Standing by for more info from your end.

I’ll update you with my findings here.

Kindest regards,

Hi Anna,

thanks for your response.
We’re working here in a team with 10 users. All our Safari (11.0.1) users tell me the same problem.: The issue occurs when you’re working in the designer after editing text in a text field. This breaks the shortcuts until you switch back to navigator.
Try it by clicking in a text field → edit it → click outside the textfield to exit the textfield and select another element → try to move with cursors (should not work).
By the way. Since “interactions 2” it seems that the editor slows down massively after a while.

Hi @Karl47

Thanks for all the details. I was able to reproduce the behavior. I’ll report this to the team immediately.

I’ll post any updates here.

Kindest regards,

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