Trouble Moving Locales List to Dropdown: Bound Element Restriction Error

Hello Webflow Community,

I’ve encountered a challenging issue while working on my multilingual site in Webflow. Despite following the recommended steps for managing multilingual content, I’m unable to move my locales list into a dropdown menu. Whenever I attempt this action, I receive the following error message: “This bound element can only be moved within a Locale element.”

The target for the dropdown is already in a Locale element or within one.

Here is the link to my project

Had exactly same issue and found your question with hopes to find a solution.
I also did same as shown in webflow university but kept getting same error message.

Seems like i found the solution myself.

I moved Locales wrapper in a drop down list and voila, it works. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 19.10.19

I don’t think it’s changed, but the text instructions are a little bit confusing;
Here’s a video of the build.

Awesome, thanks! Just tried moving the Locales wrapper into the dropdown, and it worked like a charm. Really appreciate you sharing this :raised_hands:

Glad it helped. It was a quick fix afterall. :raised_hands: :slight_smile: