Trouble loading Webflow dashboard

I can not get webflow to do anything at all. I have been trying for almost 2 hours. I tried in safari, I tried in chrome. I restarted my browser and my computer and nothing… The only thing I was able to do is create a new web site and add a section and I did that in firefox, then it said firefox is not a supported browser so i switched over. I can not do anything! Everytime I try to click anything in safari I just get a spinning wheel. chrome won’t do anything at all. Not sure what else I can do to get this thing working but I got a project that I have to due and I’m standing in still water…

I got an alert that said my credit card info needs to be switched but thats not true, i check my account and I was charged.

I also tried to post on the help forum in chrome and safari it would not let me. said I needed to choose a category but I did and it would not do anything. I finally got this post up using firefox…

Working fine over here. I would email so you can get account-specific assistance. Whatever it is, they’re really great about resolving challenges.

Hi @soulluciani, thanks for posting. I have received your request for support about the issues you have been facing, and I have responded via your support ticket. Let’s continue the conversation that involve private account details there with the support ticket.

Thanks very much, I am here to help get this resolved quickly. Regards, Dave

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