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Trouble integrating tumblr

I’m trying to integrate my tumblr blog into my webflow site. I’ve been looking through the forums and haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I want people to be able to seamlessly click between my site and my tumblr blog:

I’ve tried using an iframe but it has too many scroll bars and just doesn’t look right:
It has two scroll bars and the header and footer don’t fit in well. Someone suggested adding this code but it doesn’t seem to work:

Also tried embedding it but using this script strips the code back completely unstyled: script type=’text/javascript’ src=’’
If I could still have it styled like it is in tumblr that would be amazing.

Any ideas on how I can combine the two and have it look good?


Any ideas or help? Not sure where I can find more info on this?

Could you describe that a little more? i’m not sure to understand what you’re really looking for.

Sure Vincent.
Most people add styling to their tumblr blog to look like their header… but I’m not sure I have the skills to do this. You can see an example here if you click blog at the top:

I was hoping I could use the nice fixed header I created in webflow over the existing tumblr page I have ( and the tumblr page be embedded. Right now you can see the two scroll bars and the nav doesn’t float over the iframe:

Just doesn’t seem seamless. Maybe it’s not possible? I hired someone to so something like this for me but I think they just hard copied the code… Which won’t do me any good when I add posts to it. Why I’m doing it myself now.