Trouble getting DIV behind another DIV


I have a stick nav. I want to put a div behind it, with a drop shadow, so I can show/hide the div with the drop shadow on page scroll. However, I cannot get the second div behind the navbar. I have searched the forum and can’t find any clues. Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

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I’m not able to view the read-only link, can you double check that it’s correct and active?

Thanks, @mikeyevin. I created a new link

Thanks for the update link!

Instead of including the div with the shadow outside Navbar element, I’d recommend you nest this inside. This will also come in handy if you end up converting the Navbar to a Symbol (which I would recommend for reusability and ease of update) as it will “package” both pieces together:


Now that you’ve got the right structure, change the NavbarShadow element to position: absolute and select the “Full” alignment option within the choices directly below the dropdown:


Let me know if you run into any issues :+1:

That did it, thanks @mikeyevin !

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