Trouble exposing elements in mobile device dropdown menus

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I am developing a website that will be used principally on mobile devices. The menu works fine on larger formats.

but I’m having trouble seeing the elements in the menu when I reduce the screen width for mobile devices.

I’m trying to style the link width and height and the toggle elements appear to be stacked upon one another.

The desired menu would slide out from the left exposing five dropdown toggles (currently all jumbled up) in a vertical column. Tapping one of the toggles exposes a column of menu links further to the right (from the left edge).

The Webflow University videos on the topic I’ve watched include styling those elements but NOT in the mobile screen format. Maybe there is a video I’ve missed that addresses the issues but the show / hide and visible / hidden buttons in the component panel don’t “appear” to be doing anything.

To be fair, I made the menu into a symbol and “maybe” that presents an added complication. I’d welcome some advice here how to proceed!