Trouble editing scrolling text that appears when hovering

Hi! I’m relatively new to Webflow, so I’m still adjusting to the interface. Currently I’m working on a project that is using the Hawthorne template.

There is a section called “Selected Work” that has a scrolling text animation when hovering over the static text, and I’m experiencing 2 problems with this section:

1- For some reason, I can’t figure out how to edit what the scrolling text says. I know which layer the scrolling text is on, but I only see options to edit the font and color and size, NOT the controls to edit the actual text. How can words within the scrolling text?

2- When I hover over the text in the “Selected Work” section, the scrolling text is supposed to be centered between the top and bottom line (just like what the static text looks like). However, the scrolling text looks like it’s aligned towards the bottom line, as if it’s bleeding into the section below it. How do I center the scrolling text?

Here is my public share link:

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Hello @nneka,

we would need webflow preview link in order to help you, here’s how you can get that to us: