Trouble deleting collection


I’ve recently duplicated another site of mine and was clearing all the collections from the duplicate.

I cleared out all the Body sections of each template, and removed all bindings and products. I could delete all collections except two - “Products” and “Experiences”.

The reason why is because both of those products had linking to their Image field for the template page settings under “Open Graph Image URL” which referenced their Image field.

I’ve changed this back to “Select image for open graph results…” but it still won’t let me delete the collection!

The reason I know this is because that’s the only field I can’t seem to delete from that collection too.

Help please! Here is my preview link

Many thanks,

Hi @andrew, it looks like there might have been some unsaved changes after the items were removed, not committed from a full version save.

Could you please try again to remove the collections? It should work now. If not, let me know at, and I will take a look further.

Thanks in advance!

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@cyberdave Thanks so much, I could delete them now. How did you do a full version save?

Hi @andrewrubio,

Press cmd+shift+s in mac, or ctrl+shift+s on Windows. This will prompt you to give a name for your full version save and then allow you to create a new version save + restore point :slight_smile:

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