Trouble css + design

Hi - When i manually copied styles and designs from a template i have they would not appear as the original template at all and could not figure out why. some including.

  • how to move “relative to” on sticky
  • overlapping designs
  • and more

see loom for more details.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @Asher_Fishman your question is very broad and pointing to many aspects. Generally, the page layout should work on any page you create and paste elements into, Image may not cover because missing image style “behaviour”. When you talk about RTE your RTE have to have name to inherit styles applied from RTE template. There is many articles internet including WFU or requests on this forum how to work with RTE as it has a bit confusing workflow.

Anyway, without providing Read Only link that is required when creating request has a reason as there is no way for anyone to give you correct answer but guess what is in your code. :wink:


basically 4 things that did not copy over and I could not figure our how to duplicate

  1. he image scrolling across
  2. the white div block overlaying the image in the header of the page
  3. the share icon section being relative to something else besides body and how to change that
  4. how to line up the share icon section with the article as show in the loom.

hi @Asher_Fishman I can’t find any issues you are pointing on Map3 Blogs template you are referring to as this template looks exactly as Blog template. I hope I have looked on correct page. As you didn’t said what page is your replication I had check only Map3 Blogs template

apologies! See Map3 Blog Webflow test!

hi @Asher_Fishman what I see on you page is you are replicating page from scratch (not copy pasting whole page) because your setting is different and you are missing some building blocks like eg. Blog Content Contain wrapper around social icons and RTE to set it to max 1040 as in template . To overlay image you only should set position:relative to your Blog Top Info 4 etc. etc. these things are very basic thing you should reviewed. Just copy paste whole page structure to pay more attention what are you doing. :wink:

got it thanks. it did not let me copy and paste because it is a collection page but i figure dit out thanks