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Trouble creating a Symbol based on a Link Block

I’m guessing this is a bug…

  • if not… perhaps I am mis-understanding the product…
  • but please tell me why it isn’t a bug.

Assume this element structure

Link Block
---- Text
– Image
– Image

I want to create a link symbol that consolidates model-lb (the link block) and every child below / within the link block

With the link block selected… I right click to create a Symbol named “test”

  • expecting to consolidate the elements
  • and get this:


  • but instead… get this:

Link Block

  • test8
  • Image
  • Image

Why so ???

@Waldo @PixelGeek @thesergie @callmevlad @cyberdave @webflow

Hi @Revolution

Thanks for posting about this.

This is a known issue. When you right click for the context menu, the Designer focuses on whichever element you are hovered over at the time of the right click–not the selected element.

In this case, I built out the same structure you provided in your example. I had the link block selected, but was hovering over the div.

Alternatively, if I hover over the link block, that is the element the context menu will affect.

As a workaround for this you can use the shortcut CMD + Shift + A (Ctrl on windows) to create a new symbol

Here’s a read only link of the site I tried to reproduce this behavior in:

Here’s a screen recording showing the behavior:

We are currently working on fixing this issue. Until then, the keyboard shortcut is the best way to create symbols.

I hope this helps to clarify!

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@Waldo , @Brando Thanks for responding.

ok… this makes sense .

The DIV element is positioned absolute cover - and visually sits above the link block.

I’lll try the keyboard shortcut to get around this.

Thanks again.

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Command + Shift + A opens the spotlight search.
It doesn’t create a symbol.

This issue is still open.

I cannot create a symbol from a DIV
that contains a several links.

Highlighting the DIV then - right clicking to get the drop down…
creates a symbol of a child element within the DIV.

And Shift Command A still beings up the Spot Light Search on a Mac.


  • link 1
  • link 2
  • link 3

I want to create a symbol for the DIV that contains the links.

@waldo @cyberdave @PixelGeek @Brando

I found a work-around.

If you highlight the DIV

then select the Add Element icon

then select the Symbols Tab… there is a “Create a New Symbol” option…
which WILL WORK on the currently selected element.

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