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Trouble connecting custom domain

I had finally my website working since Tuesday besides the troubles of Webflow (the backups structures are still broken!)

Today, I updated the DNS according to one of the emails that Webflow customer service had sent to me. But now my website is completely gone! Since Webflow customer service is only open Monday to Friday… maybe someone on the forums can help?
Here is a screen grab from my DNS company and a copy of Webflow under hosting. They both match, but my website is not working.

I think your website is back. You have an amazing website by the way. Would keep you in mind if I need a web designer…

@James_Amattey thank you I appreciate!

Good news, Customer Service replied to me quickly: the needs to be set as DEFAULT instead of the top one
Though I’m not sure why I had a green Connected if things were not working properly.

That is good to note.