Trouble configuring airtable appointment database with booking/cancelation capabilities

Hi there, I am looking for some help with adding custom code to my webflow site.

The website/product is (only viewable on mobile).

There is a scheduling component that I created on the site that allows users to “book a session” and when they press the “book” button, it sends their information to my airtable.

However, the problem is that currently it’s not a dynamic button, so when the user clicks on “book” and if they refresh the page, it will still show them the “book” button, and I would like it to instead show a “cancel” button. ]

And if they press the cancel button, I’d like it to remove the entry from the airtable.

My site currently uses a combination of tools: Memberstack (login/signup), Zapier & Airtable (for when users book a session it gets sent to airtable).

I’ve got a video here explaining the idea as well: Screen Recording 2021-06-26 at 6.54.56 - Google Drive

Let me know .