Trouble applying CSS onto my html embed

I have 3 windows that all contain an image (html-embed7). I want to apply box-shadow onto the image inside the windows.
I wrote the css code inside of the html embed 7 but it won’t display.
any help what am I doing wrong?

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First of all thank you for your time!
I think you misunderstood my problem: I wish to apply the box shadow to the image inside of the window - not to the window itself.
I had already written css inside of the “HTML Embed 7” but it won’t work.
I added a comment inside of the html embed “WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING?” so you could specify where the problem is.

this is how the image looks atm:

this is how the image should look with box shadow:

Hi @roeylubin if you do not have further questions to this topic feel free to close your request

Hey Stan, quite honestly - I couldn’t solve this issue. Ive added a div named “the-shadow” to which i applied the css box shadow but it wont work. Please let me know what have I been doing wrong or perhaps show me how to fix the issue on my own example :slight_smile:

Hi @roeylubin if you will read code properly you will see that is solved with ::after pseudo class when you don’t use image as background.
One more thing I have to mention prevent further questions about inner is that inner doesn’t work on image element. I have already posted 3 possible ways above how to solve it, so please read code again and make sure you follow instructions.

Thank you for the clarification. On a side note I’ll let you know I find your last comment unnecessarily unpleasant.

hi @roeylubin I’m sorry If I have hurt your feelings but I’m not aware about anything wrong in my last comment. All I did was make sure you read responses with solutions fully and as another proof that solutions work I have invest my time to create for you another example that can be for you more clear if you weren’t able to solve your issue with 3 provided ways how to solve it. But if you find my responses not helpful and offending feel free to add me to list of ignored users.

“If you read code properly” has a condescending aroma to it. We’re all here to learn together, and nobody forced you to answer and/or invest your precious time on this issue

no problem

have a good one