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Trouble Adding to Inline Block in template

Hi there. I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to add more tab buttons to an inline block (left column) in a purchased template. The template came with 5 vertically stacked horizontal buttons, and I wish to add more. I cannot drag a line block or button into it, or add more buttons in the correct spot via Navigator. If I adjust the size of the inline block’s height, the box size physically increases but I still can’t seem to add any buttons to it. I get the warning “Only tabs links can be moved inside a tabs menu.”

I can send the link but I thought a screenshot might suffice. Thanks for any help in advance! (This was a party event template, thus the name “drink tabs menu” LOL

Hi @itmsjim we might need a read only link actually.
There is probably a fixed height on a parent element but i need to investigate.

Thanks, I just checked and all parent elements are set to ‘Auto’

How do I send a preview link of my site?

@itmsjim Like this

Thank you! Here is my link. Thx in advance for your time.

Hey @itmsjim,

You need to copy this

Works as expected for me

Hope this helps