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Trimester Fitness Website

Our current client over at SVZ Design! (after)

Doing a simple:

  • Redesign

  • Blog Detail Page + Overview Page

  • Zapier/Mailchimp integrations

  • eBook Design / Email Drip Campaign Strategy

Also, there is an Instagram feed embedded as a banner.
What do you guys think?


Very nice site! simple and eye catching! :webflow_heart:

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Update!! @aaronocampo
Worked in a drip email campaign as well.

Awesome site love the interactions!

What did you use for the instagram feed? it looks good!

Are you using mailchimp for the drip campaign?
Did you design the ebook in indesign?

side question how is you client driving email sign ups to the site?

sorry for all the questions!

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Great! so clear and to the point

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  • Customized instagram banner
  • Used “Drip” for the email campaign.
  • Used “Canva” for the Ebook. But I prefer Indesign. Canva is easy for clients to learn.
  • To drive traffic —-> local SEO/PPC
  • Organic Traffic ——> Blogging / Publishing