Triggering Scroll Interaction when linking directly to a section

On one of my projects, I use a scroll trigger to have a Nav Bar appear when the user scrolls down.

Question - How can I show this Nav Bar when I link to a specific section? Since the scroll interaction doesn’t get triggered.

For example, when you click on this link there will be no nav bar because the scroll interaction didn’t trigger.

Here’s my webflow project -

Thanks for help!

While linking to that section directly skips over the interaction, I am able to see the interaction after clicking on the link in the navbar since Webflow automatically smooth scrolls to anchor links within pages.

Are you needing to link users directly to this section of the website?

Thanks for the response Mikey.

I do need to link directly to section because this nav bar appears on other pages - which link to main page and a specific section.

I noticed you have some sort of interaction that moves the page down to show the “Contact Us” psuedo-header when you I first land on

I took a quick look at your project but couldn’t find where this interaction is triggering. My thought would be to include a trigger here to slide down the navbar.

This would hopefully fix the issue for users who are linked to this section while not on the homepage, however I have a feeling this could cause problems though when clicking this link on the homepage…

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