Triggering a Lottie animation other element scrolls into view

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to trigger a Lottie animation when a certain section (in this case the ‘work’ section) scrolls into view. So not the Lottie animation itself, but something else should be the trigger for playing the Lottie animation.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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First, you’ll select your “work” section and create a new Element interaction using “Scroll into view” or “While scrolling” trigger. Click on the “Timed Animation” plus button.
Next, while in the animation panel, select the Lottie element. (My screen grab shows how the lottie option appears)
From here you can tell the scroll how to animate your lottie file.

Hi Port_of_Folio,

That did exactly what wanted. Thank you so much for your help!