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Trigger Interaction Working in Edit Mode but not Preview/Published

Hi all,
Been playing with Webflow for a couple days and am very impressed so far. Great job!

So far have been able to figure out most things myself but currently am flummoxed on creating my first interactions.

I am trying to have a link (Work & Experience) trigger a header (content-header) to slide in:

  • I first put an interaction on the content-header to move it above the view on load
  • Next I set up the interaction on the link to move the content-header to origin
  • Test" preview of interaction button causes the content-header to slide into view as expected.
  • Preview Mode & Publish Mode, the content-header is hidden but clicking link to trigger does not work. :frowning:

Any ideas?

Public Link:

Nevermind, figured it out.

Had another interaction on the parent container that was overriding the subsequent interactions. Watch out for that folks :slight_smile:

Hehe, yes it happens, also happens that you accidently give the same interaction to a parent and child, producing non constant behavior…; it’s o_O

Unfortunately I am getting similar behavior again…

Please see:

There is a simple Opacity fade in on load interaction on a div container for “Use these links to browse the site.” text & arrow image.

However the fade does not work, it similar hides the element then shows it immediately with no transition. I’ve been getting all kinds of weird bugs no matter how I assign the interaction… :frowning:

Figured it out (again) but this seems to be a bug…

My element with assigned interactions were inside a Symbol.
When interactions were applied to element inside this symbol, they did not apply correctly.
When element was removed from symbol, interactions worked fine.

Fortunately in this case I don’t need to keep the element in a symbol but I am baffled because other symbols have interactions going in inside them just fine?

What exactly is the point of ‘Symbols’?..

I’m having similar issues. My interactions work in edit mode but not on preview. Is there a way of debugging this?