Trigger Hamburger at specific size

Hey everyone,

Super noob here. I am trying to get my hamburger to trigger on the tablet mode. I did it successfully as propperly directed (tablet and below) however if I pull over to check responsiveness then at 990 px it switches back to the main nav.

This causes my nav to look terriable between 990 - 992 px… anyway to fix that? Or force the hamburger to be up between those 2 px?

Am I just… creating a problem about nothing?


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Hey, @Dave_Birnie Please share your read-only link so that we can take a look.

Thanks, @Sachin for reaching out.

I think this is correct?

Hey Dave. I think that is just where the breakpoint for tablet ends. So you should not have to worry about it. If you really want you could create a breakpoint in custom code for those 2px but as I said. I do not think that is necessary.

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Thanks @felix_hellstrom , appreciate the quick reply!