Trigger Animation only happens once

Hello, I set my mobile navbar to have a trigger animation. It starts fine on the first triggers for open and close, however, for subsequent triggers, it only performs the partial animation. Missing the rotating bit.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @Macodocious,

You need to set an initial value for the ‘Plus’ element (not an ‘Initial State’) so that this element has a starting point reference each time the animation is triggered. Without the initial value, the element is already at a 180-degree rotation. Therefore, the rotation after the first click animation doesn’t show.

I hope that helps/makes sense.

Hello @knk,

Works perfectly, thanks!

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Facing the same issue with the rotating trigger. As I tried to fix it but all in vain. Could you share with me that how you fixed this issue. So that we could also fix the trigger animation issue with our navbar.

Hi @Lamont_Wendllandson,

can you provide a ‘Read-Only’ link to your project so I can see how your animation is constructed, then I can look to see what’s not working for you.