Trigger animation on CMS List

Hey everyone.

So. I’m trying to build out a page that will showcase products for a rental company. Overall, the goal is to have the ability to “build” a tablescape online and see how it would look live. What I want the page to do seems simple enough, but I’m pulling my hair out building it.

I want to use a CMS list to show the inventory, then when you click on an item, it will animate the linen above. Similar to this

Right now, when I trigger an animation on an item, it displays the same image for every item. Is there a way to do a trigger animation for a cms item that shows something outside of the list?

Does this even make sense?

Any suggestions would be amazing.


Here is my public share link: *Table Scape builder
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Anyone? Bueller? @vincent You seems to always have the right answer. Any tips?

As far as I see it, you must have the unfolded data inside of the list. So you need to design your list as if everything was open, and when it works with the content you need, you’ll fold everything by default and use IX to unfold sections one by one.