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Trialing Webflow - some answers needed!

Hi Webflow-ers,

I am testing out Webflow for my platform currently do not have a site.

I have a few questions if anyone could answer any of them that would be awesome, thank you:

  • Can you organise images within the asset manager, create folders for them?

  • Is there a way to crop images?

  • Can you export via an API?

  • Can we add custom embeds?

  • Can we add links to external images?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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No. You need to edit your images before uploading or use CSS to handle the display.

You can get collection item(s) via the API. Static pages no. There is a CSV export for CMS and pages can be exported via the export function.

Both head and before body, plus in page when on a site plan.

Yes but only in embeds. You can use HTML, CSS, and JS in embeds.