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Went from never making anything online to developing an idea I’ve had for a few years in a month with Webflow. You guys make things so easy! Thank you.

I’m rolling out a soft launch and would love some fellow developer eyes on the project. Any and all critiques and feedback is welcome.

There is one issue I can not seem to figure out. On the bag pages like this one:
the slider continually adds an empty blank slide to the end of the show, even though each slide is set to show if there is a picture associated to it from the dynamic item. If someone can figure this one out, I will be forever thankful.

(UPDATE) Unpublished and published

Looking clean!

Tip: make sure the pictures are consistent. Sometimes you use the typical unstock/hipster/instagram type images, sometimes you use ‘boring’ images. It always looks better when there’s consistency in your imagery. :slightly_smiling:

Regarding the issue: I had the same exact thing (with the slider adding one extra slide if it’s linked to CMS) on one of my sites. I’ll see if I can find the solution!

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Thank you.

For now I am stuck using general photos. My next task is to begin acquiring each individual product and document it via photos & videos myself. 0_0 A large task, but doable.

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