Transparent navbar

hey, I’m trying to make the webflow navbar component transparent, meaning opacity 0, but it remains light gray color. iv’e tried all I can think of… this issue appear also in the form fields element. they don’t seem to react to opacity changes… this feels like a bug, but perhaps i’m doing something wrong.

I saw some other posts in this subject but without a proper solution…


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Try changing the background color instead of using 0% opacity on your navbar. The default color #ddd for fields and navbars won’t change until you manually set it to a different color or use the transparent option.

I tried that. It remains light gary…

Can you share your read only link again?




I made a little screencapture of your problem.

You want the transparant bg so you can see the blue from your hero right?

what i did was change your navbars, removed his BG color set it to transparant, And changedthe position to Absolute.

but here is the screencap so hope it helps :slight_smile: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Gr Argo

Absolutely @argogiant I was thinking the same :smile: The nav should be position relative to be on top of the hero.