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Transparency from video with alpha channel not rendering


Im trying to place a video with a transparent background in front of some elements. The video was rendered with its alpha channel as WebM Codec VP8 (Also tried with VP9). However the transparency is not rendering on my site, instead what should appear as transparent is appearing as black. I brought in the video as a video background webflow element, and I increased its z-index so that it would lie on top of the other elements.

I found a topic asking the same question, it was acknowledged by staff as a bug of sorts but a solution was not given (WebM background video alpha/transparency not working?) so im still looking for a work around.

The final effect im trying to achieve is to have the white blob floating on its own on top of the other web elements, which is why I created the video with the transparent background and alpha channel included.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only: []
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[1]: Live Site

bumping this in case anyone has any tips

Can you link sites that are successfully using WebM videos with alpha?

I’m not sure that what’s playing on your site is the webm file… Webflow has most probably created an MP4 to go along and it’s probably the MP4 playing.

To make sure that your webm is playing, host the file somewhere (dropbox, ftp…) and declare it in the site using embeded custom code, linking only to the webm file.

This site is a working demo of webm with alpha

Thanks, that was the solution! i inserted the video via a HTML embed element calling to a the video with alpha channel hosted in my server

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Perfect, great, thanks for letting me know.

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