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Translating static website with SiteTran - js bug on click? HELP needed

Hey Guyz,

I’m wondering how to translate my static site to 2 more languages. Default site language is Slovak and I want to add some more translations. English of course. Well, I started to googling how it will be possible.

I found this free service: YEAAH ! so I tried it and it works well ! … but … here comes the weird problem …

I think there’s some kind of collision with webflow scripts. After adding their code into my < body > tag, problems started.

this is the code:

When you try to click on any button in my site , you will see weird page refresh and scroll to the top section (it happens every time you click on buttons). I think the problem is with the v1.js. Could anyone, help me to solve this please? (try to wait a bit, while site will be loaded fully with sitetran widget and english option)

Thank you many times.