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Translate the read more on rss

hey guys, is there any way to translate the “read more” link on the rss?

You are not providing a read only link & published link to your project. The details are also scarce from your post.

Please provide the links.

Or at a minimum, more information about the screen capture:

  • Where is the RSS feed coming from? Source URL.
  • Where is it being displayed?

sorry, the RSS feed is coming from:

its being displayed on my newsletter using sharpspring rss widget

The issue lies in your widget. The feed only provides XML, no html in a feed.

You need to address this with the widget provider or with widget coding options.

:frowning: yeah, those guys from SharpSpring add this

You might be able to change it with JavaScript.

javascript on an email?

@sanshiro - You need to use the service providers forums or contact the email provider for options. This is not a webflow issue.

sorry, I know, it just my scientific curiosity