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Transitions... why is it disabled?


Im trying to make a transition (movement) effect on hover, and its disabled…
i have a popup message
on it that says:
"Transitions are disabled on
hover/pressed/focus states

Instead, add transitions on the
default (non-state) class"

i dont understand what to do…
please help (:slight_smile:

on it that says:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Baronnie, this means that transitions cannot be added to a class when it is in the Hover, Pressed or Focus states.

Instead, set the transition on the class when it is in the “None” state. from the States dropdown list.

Does this help to answer your question? Let me know, I am happy to assist further.

hey @cyberdave, yes i understand the meaning, but i just follow the exact instruction on a ‘button hover’, like in this tutorial:

minute 1:17
and his working just fine in the instruction, but in mine, its in grey and disabled, as you can see in the photo i attachment

thank you for your help,

haa ok! got it now (:slight_smile:
its working

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