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Transitions Not Running

When adding to an existing class… it seems transitions are not being performed / executed.

Is this correct am I mis-understanding something.

Assume you style and name a LINK serv-prod-link.

05 PM
16 PM

Then you add a Background-Color and
Font-Color transition of 300ms to each - EASE.

18 PM

Hover over the LINK… and the text color and background should “transition”.
58 PM

Then… add another class…
so you end up with classes serv-prod-link and color1
47 PM
51 PM

Then check the transition of serv-prod-link and color1

and you should see
26 PM

When you PREVIEW the site… you should see the link - similar to this:

14 PM

When you hover over the LINK… you should see this

11 PM

and not this
14 PM

42 PM28 PM

No one else has encountered this issue ?

@Revolution when you add a combo class and change the background color style associated with the combo class it looks like it overwrites the hover style color with the parent class name (AFAIK that’s expected behavior, but I’m looking into it). So you would have to define a new color on the hover state associated with the combo class name.

The transition styles are inherited without any issues on my end:

I added a new hover style after adding a combo class to the second button in this test:

"it looks like it overwrites the hover style color with the parent class name"

"AFAIK that’s expected behavior"... this is what I was trying to figure out.
I’d assumed everything the parent would inherited… but I don’t know everything.

"but I’m looking into it"… much appreciated

your project does exactly what I expected…
the child inherits everything from the parent.

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