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Transition Notes to Help Designer

Personally, I think it would be helpful if a Designer had the ability to add notes to Transitions.

Currently, you can add short Description / Name to the Transition.

Some one like myself… name the Transition after the element.

  • ie: sec_Hero

Others name it after the action it’s performing…

  • ie: Move in from right

Regardless of how you use it… the field is to short.

Keep the Transition short Description / Name…
but below it… add scrollable Text Area where the Designer can add a more detail notices about that specific Transition.

ie: Move div_AddressBlock into position

Add it into the Triggers as well… and export the notes as comments in the code.

Add the ability to remove the notes add the Project Level… but also at the Export Level

  • so that the Designer can over-ride the Project setting.

I have so many Transitions that I tend to lose track of what the Transition is exactly for… or what it does.

I have to spend time reviewing the Transition to make sure it’s “the correct one” to modify / update / work with.

A notes that I create would greatly assist me in “remembering” what I did. And why I did it.

And these are “fresh projects” I losing track of. Imagine if I come back to a project that I haven’t seen in a year.

Or… if I assign the project to someone else ? like a co-worker or collaborator.

If added… don’t cut us short and only add it to a Team Plan.

It would also be nice if Notes were added to the Style tab… per element.

It seems - I have some elements setup just for Mobile - some just for Desktops… etc.

Thanks for the feedback @Revolution. I’m assuming your referring to Interactions when you say Transitions. Having a bigger input field would makes sense. I’ll keep you updated when it’s time for us to work on this.

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Yes… Interactions. I have a bad habit of calling them Transitions.

I would say keep the current input field. I use it to label the Interaction.

But add a Text Area… that allows a more description of what / how / why the interaction exists.

Basically… like commenting your code. The more comments the better.

Makes it easier to rejoin / pickup the project at a later date… say for example the client wants you to change something a year later - and you’ve worked on 20+ different projects that year.

Or to introduce / get up to speed - a new member to a project.