Transition not working

I don’t know how to explain my problem without showing you. It would be best if you could open my read-only link and just see it yourself.

I have a problem with navigation. When you hover over the “Firma”, “Tehnologija” and “Proizvodi” navbar links, it opens a new section. Those sections have different heights, and when you hover over navbar links it changes those sections quickly, and if the section is smaller than previous one it just snaps up a little. Can I make it shrink smoothly? I tried with transitions on every element and it didn’t work.

Here is my site read-only link: Webflow - Tool Machine Team

Hey @Machko, the issue would be in the container inside the .Navbar Extender you should add opacity interaction in addition to the hide, because you can’t smooth hide/show interaction.

Look below how should it look like, repeat that for all link interactions


@rasheed_othman thank you for the explanation, but you misunderstood me. I created a video so it’s easier for both of us. I wanna make the wrapper that holds those containers shrink and expand smoothly.