Transition 100% not working


I’m trying to use the transition to put a div in W 100% and H: 100% but not working,

see example: (just click on “fullscree”)


Hi Lucas,
I think you should select the class “pagina” and then go to objects, interaction and change the selection from “none” to “nav-fullscreen”.

Hope it helps!

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@vinpogace, I did what you said and still failed.

I recorded a video, it even simulates right but apply wrong
(is changing the percentage into px when apply the animation)

for me this is a bug and needs to be fixed

I tried to reproduce that from scratch and I succeeded. The interactions, when editing the step, is working, but when previewing and testing, it doesn’t.

I think there may be a bug.

@PixelGeek Nelson could you have a quick look at it? It’s simple to witness, the code is quite clean. Notice that when you edit the step, the element goes full screen and desired, but when previewing or testing, it shrinks instead.


I’ve noticed that percentages in the interactions don’t really work great. I’ve always went with a workaround. :confused: I’ll let the team know about this one.

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any news on this? It seems so simple to fix this …

lately I’m calculating pixels to view the effect … :pensive:

I found the way to trick that bug.
For element that will be change on interaction I put max width (or max height) 100%. Then in the interaction I am applying changing width (height) to 1000-2000%. and it works! Because max-width stop it in right point :wink:

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Get all my sincere respect for that! Amazing workaround (:

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Thank you :smiley: It was my pain in… you guess, lol

This method is not good, the animation is bad:

The animation curve is set to 1000px, and when you get 100% of a sudden stop.

Any chance from this be solved? @PixelGeek, its so simple (i gess)