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Transform Z bug in mobile/tablet view (issue only in Safari)

Hi Webflow Team,
I am noticing a bug in Safari using the drop down nav on tablet /mobile.

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Right now there seems to be an issue where the built in JS is not setting the z position for the nav-menu overlay. The result is that the content of the dropdown menu is blending with the content below. I initially thought this was a z-index problem as I had been messing with Z-index for the position of other content. After ruling that out, I used the inspector in Safari and found that if you add “…translateZ(any pixel value)” in the style imbed for that nav element, the content displays as expected. Since I have no ability to change this value in my code, I need Webflow to take care of this, or provide a temporary fix.



I tried adding a ‘transformZ’ css tweak on the nav-menu element, but it does not seem to have fixed the issue.

Please help.

-Joshua W. Smith

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