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Transferring project to client (as cheap as possible)

I have just created my first project for a client that I now want to send. I have done this in order to gain experience and apply for UX jobs. My client wants it as cheap as possible, so right now I’m on a free plan. As I have understood, this is what me and the client need to do:

1: I upgrade to a premium plan
2: Client creates webflow account
3: I transfer my project to the client
4: Client buys domain and upgrades to premium plan to be able to publish to his domain.
5: I cancel my premium plan

Have I missed anything or is anything unnecessary?
And if I want to cancel my premium plan, is there any notice period?

Side note question: If I create a couple of projects and then downgrade to a free plan again, will all of them, except 2 projects dissappear?

/Hugo Ingelhammar