Transferring my Webflow nav bar to my Discourse header?

So this is a pretty heavy question, but I’d greatly appreciate any advice. For my website, I am now incorporating my own Discourse forum. Problem is I am struggling to port my site navigation onto the Discourse forum without it ‘breaking’ the site because of the jquery-3.3.1.min.js script. Once I add that script into the mix, the Discourse forum gets some heavy errors and stops loading content/posts. Without the script, then the nav bar won’t drop down for mobile devices.

I am asking for help here because this forum has a nav bar which functions properly. Can I get any advice as to how you all were able to incorporate your nav bar onto your Discourse forum? Is there a lighter .js file that exists anywhere that won’t interfear with Discourse? Thanks a ton for any help!!!

Screenshots are below of what I am doing are below

discourse already uses jquery, so you shouldn’t add it again.