Transferring Instapage pages from Wordpress Integration to Webflow

I have a set of Instapage pages currently active through a Wordpress plugin tied to our current WP site. Each page has a URL connected to our domain, (Money Motivator - Start) and so on, etc. I am told once we switch from Wordpress to Webflow that these pages will no longer be active, and that I will have set up a subdomain to route all of the Instapage pages through in order for them to be live. Additionally I was told that redirects would not work so essentially the URLs ppl have been using for a few years to access this set of pages will die. Does anyone know how I can keep these Instapages alive and preserved without having to rebuild them in Webflow?

I still feel relatively foreign when it comes to discussing things like subdirectories and IP addresses, so please bear with me, and speak to me like I am 4yrs/old. :slight_smile:

It has been some years since I’ve used Instapage, however if you can get the actual page URL, a redirect should work fine.

In that case, you’d setup your Webflow 301 redirect so that e.g.
/money-motivator-home is redirected to your InstaPage url.

If you want it to stay branded, you’d create a new subdomain in your DNS specifically for your instapage pages, e.g. and then your main site can redirect there, e.g.
/money-motivator-home is redirected to

Another option might be to create these as static pages on your site, and then embed a full-page iframe. This avoids the redirects, and InstaPages are generally simple things that won’t have embedding restrictions.

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Thank you so much for being helpful!