Transferring domain to Webflow when not finished yet

Hello there,

I have tested Webflow and have created my first 2 pages.

Now I would like to end my web site and when ended transfer my already existing domain to Webflow.

It seems that I have first transfer my domain in order to finish my website. The thing is that I will loose my old website whereas the new one is not finished yet…

Is there any solutions ? I hope so…

Thank you so much.

You can upgrade to a lite plan so you can create more than two pages first.

Hi @Lisa_Laprade

As Sam says, you can upgrade your account to Lite so you can create more pages first…

Or…you can stay on the starter plan, but adding hosting instead, which will unlock the limitations.

You don’t need to connect your domain when adding hosting, you would just add a hosting plan, pay for it, this unlocks more pages. When you are ready to launch, then you can connect your custom domain - it doesn’t have to happen at the same time :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is great !!!

Thank you so much for your answers.

Have a great week-end.