Transferring a site to my client's account

I need to transfer a couple of my client’s websites to their own webflow account as I don’t want to continue with a lite plan. Is there any benefit to transferring the site before hosting is set up or does it not matter which order we do it in?

My other question is, will the client still have access to the editor platform once the site has been transferred to their account?

Transfer and then set up hosting. You can’t transfer sites with active hosting plans.

They should be able to access both the designer and editor once you transfer.

Oh dear, I’ve made a big mistake then as one of my clients has already set up the hosting plan on my account. Is there really no way to change this? Do we have to wait 12 months for the hosting to expire and then transfer to his account? It means I have to pay $16 a month for the next year just to keep my client’s site live.

If you contact support you should be able to get it resolved.

OK thank you, I will do now. Thanks for your help.