Transfering from godaddy to webflow with gsuite


So i read abit on forum posts and found people with slightly similar issues but not quite.

I built a website with webflow, however the company already has a site made with wordpress and has a gsuite plan.

Im wondering if there is a simple process i can follow to move the hosting to webflow including gsuite. without causing any downtime on mailing system

So i want to move everything to webflow but im not super used to site hosting, what is required and where all the bits go.

If anybody helps Super duper thank you in advance!


Webflow doesn’t handle domains. They’re not a hosting company like Godaddy. What you do is pointing your domain to Webflow from Godaddy, that doesn’t affect the email. So when managing websites with Webflow you always need a domain registrar like GoDaddy.

OK now i feel stupid, however thank you for the rapid response

@emiltenklabs You shouldn’t feel stupid and sorry if I made you feel that. I’ll think I can find a support email me asking for same thing a few years back :grinning:

Your response was great, no worries

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