Transfer a project with Hosting

Hi there,

I have a client who is working with a online SEO / Adwords company and would like me to transfer my client’s project to their account. The problem is that I already added hosting (annual) to their project.

  • When I transfer the project to them, would the hosting be transfer to them also since they already paid me for it?
  • If so, would the annual webflow hosting be automatically be paid by the new account owner, or would they charge me for it even though it’s not in my account anymore?

Please advise and thank you in advance!

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Tagging @rileyrichter (WF Staff) - can you assist?

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Hi, @Alex_Cheng! :wave:

It sounds like you’ve got the how’s of transferring down, but in case you need it here is a handy guide:

Basically, when you transfer you would cancel hosting before the transfer. Then, they would be responsible for adding hosting on their side when they receive it. You wouldn’t be responsible or be charged for hosting after it’s transferred to the client.

If they paid for annual hosting, you can reach out to the support team here. We can help provide a credit to your clients for the time remaining on their hosting! :smiley: :webflow_heart:

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