Transcoding Video Color Bug

I believe there is a bug in the video transcoding. I have done some troubleshooting on my end to help out. I’m attempting to upload a video that is 450x720. For some reason, the colors are changing quite a bit during transcoding. If I change the comp size to something like 200x200, the colors do not get changed during transcoding. It seems it has something to do with the size, but there may be other reasons.

Here is the transcoded version:

Here is the link to the original:

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Hi @Jason_Gaylor, thanks for the post, that sounds strange for sure. I checked the source video and created a web optimized version using Handbrake:

Here is the resulting optimized version:


Could you check if that new version works better?

Thanks in advance.

@cyberdave thanks for taking time to handbrake this. That app usually solves things like this.

However, I uploaded your version, and after webflow transcoded it, it turned greenish again.

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