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Trans-tourism website

First of all, thanks @PixelGeek for a reminder to post here :wink:

This site was a real joy to work on. The client was great and I’ve given an extra push of creativity to make this website as good as it gets in given circumstances.

Everything was designed live in Webflow, without using Photoshop for mockups. The client approached me with a project they were working on and asked me to create a website. Unlike usual project requests, this one had fixed timeline (4 years). The purpose of the website was to follow project life and provide information about it.

That got me thinking on how should this website look like. And since this is a science project, the insight was - let’s create a website that looks and feels like a :book:. So, I’ve designed a book itself (in Photoshop) and started to work on a layout.

Great attention was given to typography since there will be relatively small amount of images and a lot of texts to read (in contrast to most websites today :wink: ).

The live version of the website still needs some more polishing, dough.

I’d appreciate any bugs find and comments written by the community. Thanks for reading / watching!

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interesting design.

this page is missing text.

Minor Recommendation - At the bottom you have this text

This work has been fully supported by Croatian Science Foundation under the project no. 6164.

just add “the” before “Croatian”

This work has been fully supported by the Croatian Science Foundation under the project no. 6164.

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How did you find this page, it’s not even linked?
Thanks for the spelling tip! (EDIT: fixed the “the”)